Arms & Wrist

How to Massage Arm and Wrist Muscles

Massage for 30 seconds or up to 5 minutes, once or several times a day depending on need.

Arm and wrist muscles can tighten due to overuse, injury, weight training, racquet sports, or from conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome. Massage therapy can help increase blood flow to allow muscle fibers to repair themselves. Massage therapy can also provide relief from tightness and conditions like tennis elbow and carpel tunnel.

Watch the video below which demonstrates how you can apply self-care massage therapy using a Myobuddy Massager to help relieve pain and tightness in the arm and wrist muscles. Note: spend more time using the edge of the massage pad for a deeper and more intense massage. You may also hold the edge in one place for longer treatment periods when you reach a trouble spot.