Experience powerful wellness in seconds with the MyoBuddy Pro Massager! Whether you’re in pain, you’re a fitness enthusiast, weekend-warrior, cross-fitter, marathoner, or you just want to feel better, the MyoBuddy Pro Massager offers wellness in seconds and assists with RECOVERY, MOBILITY, CIRCULATION, as well as much-needed RELAXATION. MyoBuddy can help increase blood flow to damaged muscle tissue and decrease pain associated with post workout fatigue. When you need a deep massage now, MyoBuddy Pro empowers you to create healing in a short amount of time, in your own home or office, and it feels AMAZING!

Self Care with the Myobuddy Massager Pro

WELLNESS IN SECONDS ~ Give and receive a full body massage in 4 minutes. Treat trigger points in 30 seconds. Work on scar tissue daily.

USER FRIENDLY ~ Variable speeds for dynamic techniques: high speed warms tight muscles, while lower speeds break up adhesions. Our design allows you to treat your whole body yourself.

MASSAGE ANYTIME ~ Use your MyoBuddy Pro Massager in your living room, at work, and before & after your workout.

RECOVERY ~ You might need help recovering from a workout or run, from an injury, or from a long day at work. Look no further!

MOBILITY ~ Create optimal flexibility in just 10 minutes while relaxing in your living room. Don’t wait for your next massage appointment!

CIRCULATION ~ Blood flow is the key to functional health. The MyoBuddy Pro Massager is more therapeutic by far than your foam roller, and it doesn’t have to hurt for it  to work wonders. In fact, it feels AMAZING!

ALL TYPES OF MASSAGE ~ Relaxation, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Recovery, Sports, Circulatory, Friction, Percussion, Mobility, Lotion, Essential Oils, Pre/Post Exercise, Dry Brushing…the MyoBuddy Pro Massager does it all, does it well, and does it fast!