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6 Worst Effects of Stress on Your Body

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In recent times, stress has become a usual and ordinary factor people on a daily basis. You could actually obtain stress from different chores and responsibilities. Whether from work, school, home, or anywhere else, you can encounter a lot of stressful situations. Stressful situations regularly are no longer a big thing for everyone. However, you [...]

How massage tools can help the care giving industry

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Ever taken time to think about the elderly, the sick, and others who need our daily help? Well, let’s take time and think about their lives. We all know they need our help but unfortunately, most of us never even think about their health problems, let alone the emotional and financial support they need. However, [...]

MyoBuddy Products Commits to Supporting Parkinson’s Community

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April is National Parkinson’s Awareness Month and the producer of the MyoBuddy Massager Pro is announcing an ongoing mission to support Parkinson’s patients and the community working alongside these individuals. The company is launching a campaign to support the advancement of massage therapy to aid people who suffer from Parkinson’s symptoms. The brand will donate [...]

What you need to know about training for your first 5k

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Running benefits the mind and the body. Although the prospect of running a race can be intimidating if you have never exercised regularly, entering a 5k can be a great way to challenge yourself to get fit. Once you start running regularly, you will be surprised how quickly your body adapts to its new challenge. [...]