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Where There’s Pain, There’s Gain with fitness expert Brett Hoebel

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Fitness Expert Brett Hoebel with MyoBuddy Products' CEO Jason Auer-Sears. As a fitness professional and athlete, one of the most difficult things I’ve had to go through was an injury that required surgery…and a lot more. Injuries can occur from a sudden instance or from something repeated over time. Injuries don’t just hurt [...]

MyoBuddy PRO Massager huge hit in Hollywood!

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Actress Kirby Blanton. The MyoBuddy team recently traveled to Hollywood, California for a special celebrity gifting party to celebrate the awards season. The MyoBuddy PRO Massager was a huge hit in Hollywood and when asked for a quick quote about their MyoBuddy experience, here’s what celebs had to say: “Phenomenal… it felt fantastic!” [...]

History of the MyoBuddy Percussive Massager

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A businessman who has owned and operated businesses in Chicago since he was 19 years old, Lillo Furca ran into an acquaintance in 2011 that was using an orbital power tool as a high powered massage device for personal muscle therapy. Having been heavily involved in the world of sports since he was a child, [...]

Twelve Natural Ways to Ease Back Pain

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Nearly everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their lives, possibly from a sports injury or from sitting slouched in front of a computer all day, whatever the case, you can suddenly find yourself among the 116 million Americans living with pain each and every day. But no matter when it appears or [...]

USER Stories: Keeping the Machine Healthy with fitness instructor, Robert Ferguson

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Here is a new way to keep “The Machine,” you, the fitness instructor/personal trainer, energized to keep motivating others! As personal trainers, our job is helping people achieve their fitness goals. We do this because we believe that being active and eating healthy are the keys to longevity and living a fuller life. We run people [...]

User Stories: Experience MyoBuddy Magic with fitness educator, Keli Roberts.

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LIVE WELL Blog User Stories So you workout regularly, you eat a healthy balanced diet, you have good sleep habits and yet you don’t feel all that great. The one thing that might be missing is regular muscle maintenance. That might sound mysterious, but it’s really very simple; myofascial release is the perfect [...]